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Default Re: Hagler v Leonard Thoughts?

The supposed best fighter on the planet beaten by a blown up,coke-sniffing imposter of the man he once was - and people wonder why Miss Marvis is so bitter? That's enough to turn any proud man into a hermit that gets smashed on drugs and alcohol and then intimidates his wife to the point where she has to file a restraining order against him.

Originally Posted by lora View Post
118-110 Leonard

Quite possibly the only original post in an unbelievably redundant and recycled topic.

I personally gave Leonard every round.

Originally Posted by Foreman Hook View Post

IF i was Hagler, i would of said 15 Rounds, small ring And small gloves - or NO DEAL Mr.Sugar.

ALL those things should be up to teh CHAMPION to decide.

The only organization willing to sanction this title match was the WBC,and they had completely gotten rid of the 15 round fights by this point.

People continually bring this up and are either unaware or forget the fact that Hagler's previous two fights were twelve round fights.

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