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Default Re: Sergio Martinez vs a selection of yesteryears MW's.

Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
How would you break down this italian american's style?
I just don't see LaMotta as a reckless aggressive fighter, unless you're breaking down the one that fought at LHW as an amateur for that diamond belt. Yeah, that kid was raw and wild like a shark.

LaMotta mastered the crouch probably like no other. He slipped, and rolled with shots and fought on the inside very well. Not only that, but he a superb jab when utilized. The problem with LaMotta is not his ability to get inside, he can do that. It's fluidly mixing his aggressive attack with a defense. He pulls and rolls with shots so well that fluidly countering and being offensive in the midst of defense is difficult. It's a limitation of the crouch.

Fred might be more suited for Sergio because he maintains aggressiveness with defensive consciousness better. He has has a great physicality that can allow him to have greater success at a longer range. If the fight gets in a middle range, Freddie would be more successful than Jake. On the inside, I think Jake would be superior, particular with his body attack. However, I think Jake probably put on constant pressure better than any other MW I can think of. It says a lot about his skills and ability with his style considering he's not a top level puncher.

I have no qualms with thinking Apostoli style and physicality are more suited for Martinez than LaMotta. Just that Jake was a recklessly aggressive like Margarito is absurd. LaMotta chin seems to unfortunately overshadow his great defensive ability, not just on the inside but at all ranges. He talked in an interview where a young Tyson was on and compared his ability to pull from punches and take steam of shots like bringing a catcher's mitt backwards to take steam off catching a fly ball.

"I didn't get nearly as hit as you guys thought I did."

Jake LaMotta

Why do you think the old *******s still kicking it at 90 with his faculties intact? Good genetics... maybe.
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