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Default Re: The Official "Fire Jim Watt" Thread

Originally Posted by SuspiciousChees View Post
If Kirkland was so **** and Molina so great why didn't he what Marquez does to fighters like Kirkland, counter them, out punch them and bust them up.

As a fan I want to see that, not Molina grabbing every 10 seconds.
Yeah it's horrible to watch at one point i nearly jumped up and headbutt the air in rage mode it was ****ing me off so much i'm shocked Kirkland kept diciplined, i can't praise a gameplan that has excessive holding. It was to much in the end and it's that sorta stuff that doesn't help the sport.

Ward does it smartly with punches here and there, last night that was just holding for sake of holding at times IMO. Ref should of deducted a point early on.
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