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Default Re: Sergio Martinez vs a selection of yesteryears MW's.

I'll take the A. Maybe I'll provide some footage later. What's interesting is, we don't even have footage of a prime LaMotta. That's the biggest problem, so maybe he did maintain aggressiveness more fluidly with defense when he was younger. I still think there's a limit with the crouch. However, even in his older days when at his LHW campaign where his activity and punches and youthfulness weren't quit there you could still see the great defensive skills he possessed with the crouch he fought under. These LHW fights were near the end of his career against Bob Murphy and Norman Hayes if I remember correctly.

At LHW, LaMotta was too small and old for the division so his fights displayed his defensive skill often times on the back-foot, and not aggressively like his nickname "Raging Bull."

Poster Raging Bull would be far better at pulling up footage of LaMotta as he's a big fan.

Around 6:40 this is a good indication of LaMotta blocking shots, and then dipping and pulling while still being aggressive.



Around 7:30 to 7:50. Hairston lands body shots, but Jake's slipping a lot of the shots. Check out 8:50 for a glimpse of a past prime LaMotta slipping shots on the inside and then countering Hairston.


4:46 another great example of his defensive capabilities.
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