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Default Re: Would Tyrone Everett have been great if he didn't die?

Bing Bang,,,,,,,

Here's the scoring,

By the way it was announced in the Spectrum.

Mexican Referee; Ray Solis (148-146) = (4-2-9) Tyronne Everett
An amazing 9 rounds even.

Puerto Rican/American Judge; Ismael Fernandez (146-143) = (7-4-4) Alfredo Escalara

Philadelphia Judge; Lou Tress (145-143) = (7-5-3) Alfredo Escalara

It was kind of expected that the Puerto Rican Judge would score the fight
for Alfredo Escalara, and that Lou Tress would side with Tyronne Everett.

The Spectrum crowd was in total shock,,,,,,,,,

Lou Tress avoided any interviews regarding the fight. And he got a police escort
out of the arena.

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