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Default Re: Intense Training Log

****, I've been really busy and haven't really had time to update, so here's a good few days worth:

Saturday -

Morning Session:

Pull downs 3x6
Seated rows 3x6
DB overhead press 3x6
Overhead press 3x6

Mid-Afternoon Session:

Tuck Jumps 4x8
Lateral Cone Jump 4x10
Rhythmic Lunge Jump 4x10 (5 per leg)
Double Legs Bounding 4x25 Yards
Ab workout

Night Session:

2.96mile run; average 8.2mph

Macros for the day: 154g Protein - 345g Carbs - 75g Fat
Total Kcal: 2671 - Intake wasn't as high as I would of wished.

Sunday -


Macros for the day: 123g Protein - 304g Carbs - 80g Fat
Total Kcal: 2428

Monday -

Morning Session:

Jog approx 0.25 miles to steps.
Up and down the steps (8 blocks of steps) x5, no rest.
Step sprints' x3, 30 seconds rest after each 'set'.
Hill sprints x5; 5 on a lesser incline.
Jog around 0.25 miles home and stretch off.

Night Session:

10 minutes on cross trainer to get a light sweat on

Session -

Jogging; 3x around the football (soccer) pitch
Sprint to the half way line & jog back, 2x4
Jogging; 2x around the pitch
Bag work; 4x2 minute rounds
Sparring; 3x2 minute rounds
Short Circuit
Stretch off

Macros for the day: 158g Protein - 345g Carbs - 84g Fat
Total Kcal: 2768

Tuesday -

Morning Session:

Squats 2x6,3x5
Hang Cleans 3x6
Deadlifts 4x5
Pullups 3xfailure
Ab workout

Night Session:

3mile run; average 8.4mph (note: the reason I'm particularly happy with this run time is the fact is was 21 degrees, the hottest it's been here for...ages and I was stupid enough to wear a ****ing hooded top...never again)

Macros for the day: 157g Protein - 355g Carbs - 80g Fat
Total Kcal: 2768
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