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Woke up at 7:16 AM today, my alarm clock failed to go off at 6 (or maybe I just didn't hear it because I slept so deeply).

Anyway I ran, around 26 minutes for 2 miles. I need to step it up a bit and really get into a routine.

That my life is such a mess right now... I didn't go the the gym at all this month because I wanted to focus on work, but the truth is I spent my free time just doing ****all so I might as well go back.

Starting april 1st (and no this isn't an april's fool ), this is my schedule:

Run days

6 AM: Wake up and take a quick Zone snack + run
0800: arrive at work
4:45 finish work
5 arrive at gym

(the way my gym works, it's pretty ad hoc basis, so that's why I'm leaving a large margin. If there's a lot of people for sparring for example, I might wait for quite a while before my turn comes.)

6:30-7 outta da gym
7-10 PM supper + eat + leisurly readings

Will workout some more this evening.
remember to get enough rest. Rest is ****ing important.

Just make it a habit to work out. Right now your habit is to do **** all in your free time? In a couple of months your habit is going to be going to the gym. Habits takes a long time to become habits. good aswell as bad.
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