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Default Re: Klitschkos Will Harm Their Legacy If They Refuse To Fight 33-0 Malik Scott

Originally Posted by gorgse View Post
He has to do what everyone else does to get a shot, beat some other boxers in the top 10. He hasn't had a fight with anyone in the top 25 yet. Start talking title shot after that. There are quite a few decent HWs that would earn him notice if he fought and beat them. Say Cedric Boswell, Malik Scott, Chauncy Welliver, Micheal Grant, Chazz Witherspoon, or Seth Mitchell. The problem with that is all these boxers are ranked higher then Malik Scott, so from their point of view it might not make any sense to fight Malik. He needs to start fighting some top 50's first and keep really active to get noticed first.
Besides the fact that you said he needed to fight himself to get a shot or noticed......I clue ya in on something.
Or rather ask ya WHO exactly has Arreola beaten to be considered a top 10 HW for the past 5 yrs?
And he is getting ANOTHER title shot this year.
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