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Originally Posted by Titan1
Did he decisively beat Jack or was it controversial?
For 10 rounds Johnson gave Hart a boxing lesson, mocking Hart, but only countering when Hart lunged at him.

Despite Zeke Abrams pleads, Hart continued to struggle. Johnson countering and eluding Hart's blows, bloodying his face, but failing to knock Hart down and still stepping back to admire his work.

Johnson slowed down in the 11th and crowd cheered Hart; over the next nine rounds Hart did land several times to Johnsons body forcing him to clinch.

Right at the end of the 20th a flashbulb went off and both fighters thought the match had ended, Hart realized his mistake first and landed a right that staggered Johnson at the final bell.

As soon as the bell sounded Hart was awarded the decision.

The press were split about the decision: WW Naughton felt although he was bloody and battered Hart's pluck and indifference to punishment gave him the edge.

Buit the March 29th L A Times headlined "Fight decision a ***** one"

The Police Gazette's George Siler stating: It was "the opinion of all faired-minded witnesses that Johnson beat Hart"
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