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Default Re: Willie Classen 'Forgotten Warrior'

You know, upon entering that bout over in England, there were observations about
Willie 'Macho' Classen's condition.

He had not been in the gym, and drug rumors were swirling around.

After he got back from England, Classen applied for a new license with the
boxing commission. When asked about the fight with Tony Sibson, Classen and
his manager falsified there document, stating that the bout was stopped due
to cuts.

But stories circulated, that Classen was knocked out and that he did not try to
defend himself.

Once Willie got his new license from the New York Boxing Commision, he and his
manager Marco Minuto were contacted by Madison Square Garden Matchmaker,
Gil Clancy. Clancy was looking for a 'semi-name opponent' to put in against
Wilford Scypion, a 'head-hunter' middleweight with 12 wins and all by knock-out.

Scypion was managed by Mike Jones, and Jones wanted a safe opponent who
could test Wilford but one who would not present a tough battle. Enter Marco Minuto,
Classen's manager, an inexperienced person in the fight business, who was looking to
get his fighter another pay-day on short notice.

While Gil Clancy said yes to Classen, Jack Brami an assistant Matchmaker for
Madison Square Garden said an emphatic 'no'. Brami had heard stories about
Classen's drug use and general condition, and in no way wanted Classen in the
ring with anybody, let alone the power-punching Scypion.
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