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Default Re: Who is Vladimir Virchis? A piece of info...

Originally Posted by NBT
I just wish people would stop claiming Bidenko "gave hell" to Valuev or anything like that based on like 3 seconds in this video clip. You should ask yourself why it is so short .. if he "gave him hell" there should be more highlight material. I don't see anything like that, it's not hard to land on Valuev, he has good chin and Bidenko is a light hitter so nothing unusual there. I doubt ANYONE here has seen this fight in full length. So would you please stop fabricating rumours, Odo?

btw It's a total waste of time trying to hype Virchis.
Hehe! Why a waste of time? Virchis is virtually totally unknown outside the circle of us hardcore fans.Even most of our fellow american posters have never heard of him.
I like this big fellow from neighboring Ukraine.He deserves bigger paycheckes,media attention,and a bit of hype IMO.
He was paid to be another victim for the then rising shooting star Taras Bidenko.His career seemed to be over,and according to the news at that time Virchis hinted that he would retire after his encounter with his much younger compatriot.What a surprise to Kohl and most box fans when Virchis knocked Bidenko out!
And you are trying to tell me that it is a waste of time to hype Virchis a bit?
No,I dont think so,my friend!
Lots of powerful people read this webisite-not only us hardcore fans.This forum on esb is the best out there,and all those promoters,matchmakers,managers,trainers,fighters,and so on do have a look at this forum now and then.

As for Bidenko vs Valuev the giant from leningrad once stated that his fight with Bidenko could have gone either way.
As for Bidenko he has repeated again and again that he should have won that fight in south corea.
Ring reports seem to confirm his statement.
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