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Default Re: Masternak vs Alekseev with Mateusz Interview

Originally Posted by gregy741 View Post
hahaha translating Szpilka....o boy
ok he said he was very happy that was given opportunity to spare with wlad,but then talking like:i dont give a **** what people are saying,if i get the chance to knock him down i will not hesitate.and i am very motivated so i dont think about any fights but about those sparring.and i reply if i have chance i will not hesitate to knock him down.
then he said that he want to check some different Technics against wlad to see whats working against him,surprise him with combos.he said he wants to check his power,and whathever he is really so strong like all people are saying or this is just myth.he wants to check how he will look vs klitschko and how much work is before him to become champion.he finish interview saying he is going to fight now for wbc baltic belt and that he was told sperrings with wlad will be very tough,and that last time 7 out of 9 Wlads sparring partners end up in hospital
Thanks for that much appreciated.

lol Seriously?

Any idea who holds that baltic belt he'll be fighting for?

Going from fighting journeyman or sparring with guys like Oloukun to Vova is..... a huge gap, im interested to see what his attitude towards him will be afterwards. Artur doesn't seem to type to give too much credit or praise. It will be good for him to see what it takes to be at that level and his career overall. I'm more excited to hear about and hopefully see some of their sparring than i am the Mormeck or Thompson II fights
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