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Default Re: Cotto waited till Mayweather was out his prime to fight him

Originally Posted by puga_ni_nana View Post
wait, you admitted before that floyd ducked cotto back in 2008. are you changing your mind now? should i look for your old quote?
are you stupid? I still admit that a case can be made that he ducked him you ****ing dummy.

Where in my post that you responded to, did I say anything about 2008?

I simply put it out there, that you ****ing pac****s don't include info that gives credit to Mayweather, or that discredits Pacquiao.

Bro, you should seriously get a girlfriend...your a ****ing idiot who connects **** that has 0 to do with what I said.

I live in San Diego...where do you live because I wanna slap the **** out of, come to my gym...City Boxing off 14th in downtown San Diego...

This is a typical pac**** response that I received...he connected what I said to a previous post where I said "a case can be made that Mayweather ducked Cotto in 2007"...not 08..and if I said 08 I meant 2007.

Stupid ****ing pac****s..they just don't know anything more than how to troll and suck on Pacquiao's ****.

Pac****s come out of left field, with a catcher's mit, a golf club, and a tennis racket saying, "I would like to play football with you guys." You pac****s really should stop. You look bad in this forum and every forum at that...your voted the worst fans and you don't watch the history of the sport..only Pacquiao and what goes on around him.

Note-I am no longer responding to your stupid conclusions...your welcome to make whatever conclusions you want but just know that your wrong 99.99 percent of the time. So just as you made your incorrect conclusion above, your welcome to make more conclusions; I won't be answering to them because they are incorrect and there is no reason to answer to them.

Let me know when you stop sucking on Manny Pacquiao's **** and slurping up his cum pac****.

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