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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

carbajal v Gonzalez 3

Carbajal vs Gonzalez 3

1: 10-9
2: 9-10
3: 9-10
4: 10-9
5: 9-10
6: 9-10
7: 10-9
8: 9-10
9: 9-10
10: 9-10
12: 10-9
12: 9-10

I couldn't watch this fight all at once as i've been darting around the house doing stuff so I'm not overly confident with this scorecard.

I think Gonzalez won it quite clearly but it's a matter of what you like.

Carbajal threw a lot of leather but barring 1 or 2 rounds and the final 2 rounds, he missed by miles. Gonzalez controlled range beautifully in thsi fight, he never rushed matters, he waited cautiously on the outside and then slicked his way inside landing a couple of shots before slicking his way back out again.

He clearly had huge respect for Carbajal's power but it didn't make for the best of fights from a spectator viewpoint (aside from the last 2 rounds).

The tatcical awareness of Chiquita was really impressive though. I thought he was going to lose his way when carbajal caught him and cut him, but the next round he came out and controlled from the outside again. The 6,7,8 were quite close but I think Gonzalez's work was much more effective.

He went to war in the final rounds but I think he ahd it sown up by then.

Gonzalez v Chang peak for peak would be a technical treat I'd imagine.

Considering the level of opposition though, I was very impressed by Gonzalez here.
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