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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
No I couldn't get a hold of it, but it was after his rteirement right?

He wasn't what i'd call prime, which is why I think it's something worth discussing atleast.

How do you think they'd do prime for prime?
Chang at his best wins IMO. And Chang moved to fly after that and beat Chitalada clearly IMO, so whilst past his best there was life in him yet. In fact, he was well on his way to beating Kittikasem after that, but got caught by a murderous puncher.

A top level fighter right throughout his career, just not as varied once he came back (his 'retirement' was pretty short IIRC) and with his reflexes diminishing his blend of offence and defence wasn't as consistent, he was more hittable, and just less of a machine. Ohashi has some success against him second time round, which says it all really.
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