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Default Re: Big Daddy's Boxing Log - The making of a legend.

Originally Posted by Slacker View Post
First night of training in a LONG time. My left arm felt like a wet noodle after 3 rounds.

Today my lead shoulder feels like Jello! lol

I am trying to melt off 50 lbs through diet/exercise, and get back into shape to spar and maybe, eventually...a Masters Fight. Something I've always thought about doing.

The new gym is an interesting place. Its a "fitness", boxing and MMA gym and everyone there looks "middle class". Nothing like my last gym (stinky, gritty, bad part of town, fighting gym".

The new place has lots of equipment in an old warehouse. Good condition. Two rings. Hand weights. Skipping ropes. Plyometic setup.

They offer a lot of boot camp and fitness boxing classes. They also offer "advanced" classes, which include sparring. I've heard they do a fight night once a month, for fun, where everyone comes in with their own ring music and whatever.

A lot of women in the class. Its mostly 25-40 yr olds, some older/younger.

During rounds they will stop the group, call out calisthenics, have everyone sprint a lap around the building, whatever... then put you right back to what you were doing.

Before you hit the gym, they run some laps, do some sprints, etc... then everyone gets started. They do this again at the end of the 1hr session.


I felt great when I left. Looking forward to going regularly.
Sounds awesome man, let us know how you get on
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