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Default Re: Will Seth Mitchell be another Mike Tyson??

Originally Posted by Kalasinn View Post
Hook is the baddest troll on esb, & people still think he's super serious.

He usually only posts serious knowledgeable stuff when defending "Big G" Foreman or "Lenny Lion" Lewis.

But most of the time, he's sarcastic as ****.

Anyway Threetime, tell me if you find any other Mitchell fights I should watch. I've only seen his fights with Ibragimov, Ferreyro, Carthron, & the highlights.

Hooooooooooooooooooooook is a ESB ATG poster.

Did you see the spoof Tyson wiki link he used last week in response to a post from canibus. Funny as ****. His sarcasm was at it's best, in the same post he was shotting canibus lyrics in there too.
It went straight over canibus' head.
I can't remember what thread it was in and it's late so i'm off to bed now, but check his posts mate it's worth a look like.

I'll see what Mitchell fights there is during the week. Nice one Kally
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