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Default Re: Will Seth Mitchell be another Mike Tyson??

Originally Posted by Goodhill View Post
I like him, hits with intention, aggressive style, entertaining fighter

Again, we see the same potential flaws in Mitchell that he displayed against Ibragimov. Flashes of weaknesses, but weaknesses nonetheless. Against Quinn, Mitchell looked just a tad lost and confused in center ring, as long as the bout was kept at a distance, and Quinn stuck to jabbing. Only when he found a way to bumrush Quinn and unload the right (and it looks like Quinn lacks serious durability), did Seth score his KO.

Against Ibragimov, Mitchell had trouble as long as Iggy kept it in mid-ring and jabbed. When Ibragimov started trading rights in round two, that put Mitchell in a postion to use overpowering strength to score a sudden KO. I don't think Mitchell closed the distance in this fight...I think Iggy recklessly closed the distance himself.

I think GB and Al Haymon picked Chazz Witherspoon next because Spoon can be counted upon to suicidally trade punches with Mitchell. That's like trying to outmuscle a bull. Doesn't work.

After that, Mitchell's people may have Chauncy lined up for the some reasons. Chauncy -- based on what I can see from his available films -- likes to get in guys' faces and brawl. That's a no-no against Seth Mitchell.

You wanna see Seth Mitchell get knocked out? I'll tell you who will do will take a really cool-headed, athletic boxer/puncher to get the job done. Someone who handles Seth on the outside, breaks him down, and then delivers the KO punches only after the 6th round...while still boxing and punching, and avoiding brawling.

That man's name is Bryant Jennings. Mark my words.
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