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Default Re: ***Lynchburg needs your help!*** Weight cutting

Originally Posted by Lynchburg View Post
MMA... next BJJ comp isn't until June.

About 10am... that is weigh-in time Sunday.

You'll be fine mate , do what your planning to do in the gym , eat very little and quite often , say every 2 - 3 hrs , steamed broccoli , or something alkaline based , green beans etc , keep your metabolism ticking over , because if you don't you'll have an insulin spike in the fight , and you'll pile in

Weigh yourself as soon as you get up Sat morning , and re asses , do not dehydrate yourself for any longer than 12 - 18 hours before weighing in , your body consumes 1L of water an hour , if you've not drank anything for 18 hours before re hydrating / weighing in , you'll need 12 hours to efficiently rehydrate , that should give you just enough time to be nearly fully topped up just as you enter the bout , not ideal , but this is weight cutting

My tip to you is this , if you need to fully dehydrate (which it sounds like you don't being only 12 pounds) to make the weight , go in 3 lbs heavy and tell your opponent it is what it is , or id think about pulling out

Ama rules ................... is there head strikes allowed ???
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