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Default Re: Brandon Rios vs. Richard Abril

Originally Posted by kenmore View Post
You must have been impressed with Lundy's "ring generalship," because in terms of punches landed -- and effective defense -- Abril had it hands down, I thought. All Lundy did was keep moving forward all night.
To my recollection it was a good two-way action fight (if a bit messy).

It certainly wasn't Lundy's best night at the office, but he also probably toned it down after his original opponent pulled out.

You'll recall it was supposed to have been Lundy vs. Brad Solomon. I was pretty ****ed off about the change in the main event after having purchased my ticket.

Busy Bee would have beaten Lundy that night - but IMO Abril didn't. Just made things a little tough for him. Lundy was a bit untidy but was coming forward, throwing and landing faster and more telling blows.

Abril wasn't/isn't half the boxer Solomon was/is. That he currently has a title and Solomon doesn't is down to sheer luck.
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