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Default Re: Brandon Rios vs. Richard Abril

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
To my recollection it was a good two-way action fight (if a bit messy).

It certainly wasn't Lundy's best night at the office, but he also probably toned it down after his original opponent pulled out.

You'll recall it was supposed to have been Lundy vs. Brad Solomon. I was pretty ****ed off about the change in the main event after having purchased my ticket.

Busy Bee would have beaten Lundy that night - but IMO Abril didn't. Just made things a little tough for him. Lundy was a bit untidy but was coming forward, throwing and landing faster and more telling blows.

Abril wasn't/isn't half the boxer Solomon was/is. That he currently has a title and Solomon doesn't is down to sheer luck.
I agree with everything you said except the issue of who landed more blows. From where I was sitting, it looked as if the vast majority of Lundy's punches missed by a fraction of an inch. By contrast, Abril seemed to be landing more...even if his shots were slapping and light.

It's true that Lundy stormed forward all night, and Abril backed away. Personally, I lean in favor of the guy who lands the most punches though, even in pro fights.

Of course, if a heavy, effective puncher is outscored on a 3 to 1 basis by a slapper/light puncher -- and it's clear that the heavier puncher is shaking the other guy -- then I'll give it to the heavy puncher, even though he's being out-scored by a 3 to 1 ratio in punches connected. But I just didn't see Lundy land enough that night.

I was also super-impressed with Abril's defense. I thought it was uncanny.

I guess different fans have different philosophies about how to score professional bouts. Some accuse me of having a scoring philosophy (for pro fights) that is too much like the amateur scoring mindset. But I say that boxing is all about scoring without being hit in return: I think that rule should count for more in the pro's.

And yes...Lundy is damned lucky that Solomon was not the other man that night. Solomon is as quick and elusive as Abril, and he can hit with much more authority. I think Lundy would have finished the night with an unquestioned loss on his record if he had been facing Brad.
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