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Default Re: Brandon Rios vs. Richard Abril

Originally Posted by Drew101 View Post
Kinda like the odds on the over, since Abril has gone the route in his losses, and bore up pretty well against a hard puncher in Prescott. Plus Rios tends to take a while to get going, so I'll put 500 on that, and 1500 on Rios to win (I think his workrate should carry the day, even if Abril makes a fight of it and hangs in there.)
Well, one part of the prediction was accurate. And, in a sense, Rios' workrate did carry the the eyes of two of the judges, anyway.

I should feel bad about collecting on the Rios portion of the bet...But then again, I bet on Lara against Williams, and Molina against Kirkland- so karma's entitled to swing my way as a result..
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