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Default Re: Floyd Mayweather - How will it end?

Not for me.

Martinez is good, very good actually, but he's not really been able to prove his dominance over the 160lb class due to ''politics'' - basically other ''champions'' preferring to fight bus drivers instead.

It's a fight I'd advise Floyd to take at 160 - the welterweight champion defeating the middleweight champion is huge, in any era, the achievement will only be cheapened by doing it at 154 anyway.

Pac.... he's slipped - I'd rather not see that fight now to be honest. Beat Bradley and retire would be my advice to him. Watching him be made to look silly by Marquez was sad - I wanted Marquez to win but not like that.

Floyd had all the opportunities and chose not to take them, which reflects badly on him - Margarito was hyped and in good form - he chose Baldomir. Cotto likewise - he ''retired''.

Beating guys like Ortiz just isn't enough, he's not a ''proper'' fighter IMO, he's just a creation of the GBP/HBO alliance, I'd stick Frankie Gavin in with him tomorrow to be honest. Floyd had nearly two years off and took the **** out of him, forcing a shocking meltdown in the end.

Still, Ortiz got what he wanted - out with his cheque, taking as little damage as possible. If he'd gone the distance he'd never have fought again.
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