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Default Re: Floyd Mayweather - How will it end?

Originally Posted by Spearmint Rhino View Post
Not for me.

Martinez is good, very good actually, but he's not really been able to prove his dominance over the 160lb class due to ''politics'' - basically other ''champions'' preferring to fight bus drivers instead.

It's a fight I'd advise Floyd to take at 160 - the welterweight champion defeating the middleweight champion is huge, in any era, the achievement will only be cheapened by doing it at 154 anyway.

Pac.... he's slipped - I'd rather not see that fight now to be honest. Beat Bradley and retire would be my advice to him. Watching him be made to look silly by Marquez was sad - I wanted Marquez to win but not like that.

Floyd had all the opportunities and chose not to take them, which reflects badly on him - Margarito was hyped and in good form - he chose Baldomir. Cotto likewise - he ''retired''.

Beating guys like Ortiz just isn't enough, he's not a ''proper'' fighter IMO, he's just a creation of the GBP/HBO alliance, I'd stick Frankie Gavin in with him tomorrow to be honest. Floyd had nearly two years off and took the **** out of him, forcing a shocking meltdown in the end.

Still, Ortiz got what he wanted - out with his cheque, taking as little damage as possible. If he'd gone the distance he'd never have fought again.
I don't get this?

Yeah, a Paq win now doesn't have the weight it did 2 years ago, even though he is older. However, if Paq stops Bradley it'll come back IMO. Opinions change so much of the back of one fight.

I see your point (I don't really mind he hasn't fought Pirog/Chavez Jr etc, there's no doubt whatsoever he'd beat them all with ease) about Martinez but him at 160 is a fight he'd NEVER take. He refuses 50/50 fights and for me I'd have Martinez a slight favourite at 160.
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