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Default Re: Floyd Mayweather - How will it end?

Originally Posted by Lilo View Post
I don't get this?

Yeah, a Paq win now doesn't have the weight it did 2 years ago, even though he is older. However, if Paq stops Bradley it'll come back IMO. Opinions change so much of the back of one fight.

I see your point (I don't really mind he hasn't fought Pirog/Chavez Jr etc, there's no doubt whatsoever he'd beat them all with ease) about Martinez but him at 160 is a fight he'd NEVER take. He refuses 50/50 fights and for me I'd have Martinez a slight favourite at 160.
I don't rate Ortiz at all, basically. His lack of ring IQ is ridiculous, and he's got very little skill.

Pac.... I wasn't sure what was happening with him during the Mosley fight, wasn't sure whether he seemed to have lost something or whether he was just carrying Shane, but in the Marquez fight it was evident that his legs are going.

Without his legs, he's no chance against Floyd I'm afraid.

With Floyd, it's a shame he wouldn't take Martinez up at 160, I'd make Floyd a slight favourite in that one. Martinez isn't really the type to impose himself on someone, saying that we've all seen how Floyd toys with those kind of fighters anyway.
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