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Default Re: Floyd Mayweather - How will it end?

Originally Posted by dftaylor View Post
As others have said, Ray faced Maxim at 175. He was around 158 on the night, fully clothed and carrying a coal scuttle.

The whole point of fighting Martinez is that Floyd will not hold all the advantages for once. Floyd is not a blown up super feather - he's a natural welter who can easily navigate the step up.

For the record, I think the Cotto fight is a good one, but really it's not a fight where Floydhas any disadvantages. He wants to look good against a near-prime fighter and Cotto is perfect for that.
This. But of course, Floyd fought Ortiz, who weighed 161 on the night

Originally Posted by JukeboxTimebomb View Post
Cotto and Pacquiao aren't the same fighters they were, its a shame but its true. Martinez hasn't done much as a Middleweight Champion for a win over him to take Floyd beyond the likes of Ezzard Charles. Charles was a Middleweight that beat Burley, Moore, Elmer Ray, Bob Satafield, Jimmy Bivins, an old Joe Louis and Joey Maxim. He couldn't get title shots at Middle or Light Heavyweight so he moved up and became Heavyweight Champion. Floyd is 35, he's going to jail soon and he avoided all the guys he could of proved his greatness against after his scare against Castillo when he was younger, he isn't going to match what Charles did by beating Pacquiao or Martinez, he probably won't even fight them.

If Floyd taking on Sergio Martinez is unreasonable, then its unreasonable to even mention him along side Sam Langford who has wins over ATG Lightweight champion Joe Gans at Lightweight when he was still a teenager and later on scored KO victories over Hall Of Fame Heavyweights Sam McVea, Joe Jannette and Harry Wills. Micky Walker was Welterweight Champion and drew with Heavyweight Champion Jack Sharkey, think Sharkey was **** well watch this and shut the **** up about Mayweather being as great as Micky Walker.

Fantastic post. You are biased though.
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