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Originally Posted by stake501
Wow....and the other day I almost bought some magic beans from Tony that would have made me an undefeated amateur

Nice one Ally T.

I know there are exceptions, but generally most of the good pros have excellent amateur records as well. Of course having a good amateur record is no guarantee of becoming a successful pro, but before pro boxing was banned in Cuba, there were plenty of qulality performers

Kid Gavilán, Niño Valdés, Luis Manuel Rodríguez, Benny Paret, José Legra, Mantequilla Nápoles, Douglas Valliant, Florentino Fernández, Ángel Robinson García, Chico Veliz, etc.....

whos to say that legacy would not have continued. I 'd confidently say Guillermo Rigondeaux would beat any world champion up to Featherweight including Marquez with 10-12 pro fight experience. Him with 8oz gloves is truly frightening.

There is nothing to convince me that Khan will have to fight anyone more skilled than Super Mario. Yes he will have tougher fights in terms of harder punchers, fitter athletes, dirtier fighters, but i dont think he will have to face anyone with as much boxing skill.
Agreed, most pro boxers who are successful have had outstanding amateur records. I also know the records are often incomplete. I also reckon that things have changed as the pro and amateur codes have diverged. Amateur is all about point scoring and is now more like fencing with lateral movement. In days gone by boxers who were less robust were found out as amateurs. This no longer happens. For me the danger for Khan is not from a skillful boxer as I believe Khan to be a very skillfull young man. Where he is untested is "in the trenches". If Khan is to be beaten I think it will be a pressure fighter that does it. Limmond is a tough wee man and this will be an interesting test as although Khan will dominate, especially early on, Limmond will catch him at some point and then we will have a better idea about his long term plans.
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