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Default Re: Di Rocco vs Lauri II

So Lauri thinks the problem is that he's draining to make 140, and he was planning to move up to 147 anyway but got a call with the opportunity to reclaim the same vacant title he'd already beaten Di Rocco for 5 years earlier and listened to his dad egging him on that he could still be competitive at light welterweight and to go for the glory?

And now he's going to fight on, but at welterweight?

I guess it isn't a bad move if cutting down is really part of his troubles. Fortunately for him there aren't many big punchers at welterweight when it comes to the top of the Italian domestic heap. (Branco, Bundu, etc.)

Maybe Lauri could land an opportunity as Sven Paris' comeback opponent? If he loses, hang 'em up. If he wins, keep on going at WW.
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