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Default Re: Angel 'Cholo' Espada vs. Jose 'Pipino' Cuevas


This fight is available on You Tube.

Pipino Cuevas is wearing 'yellow trunks' and Angel Espada is wearing 'black trunks' with
white stripes.

Round 1, Pipino came out fast, with wreckless abandon, and started winging his left hook, as he chased
the 'frightened' Angel Espada all over the ring.

In Round 2, Pipino nailed Espada with a double left hook, which sent him to the canvas.
Espada is hurt, but not out of it. Pipino tries to finish him off, but Espada moved away and avoided
any other bombs, by clinching, holding and running.

Round 3 thru 5, Pipino still continued charging like a run-a-way train, but Espada was able to withstand
the bombs, which were still landing. Espada does start to land with some scoring punches, but not with
much authority.

Round 6, Espada finally got his offense going, and landed some crisp right hand counters, to back Pipino off.
Pipino has slowed down, which allows Espada to throw some combinations.

Round 7, Espada actually started to land some good punches, and finally nailed Pipino with a booming right
hand flush on the jaw, which shook Pipino and had him in brief trouble. Espada scores with a few solid volley's
but can't find the finisher. Pipino is now on the defensive and backing up.

Round 8, was the last round that Espada put a charge in, as he caught Pipino with some good left hooks,
and several right hand counters. Espada opens up, but expends alot of energy. Pipino comes back firing at
the end of the round, and pins 'Cholo' along the ropes, while landing heavy lefts and rights.

Round 9, Pipino is now driving through the weakening Espada, and starts to nail him with some hard left hooks,
and looping right hands. Espada is fading, but does score with some decent jabs, and a counter right-hands.

Round 10, Pipino starts winging his left hook again, but Espada meets him in center-ring, and starts to fire back.
They exchange right hands, and each other is rocked. Pipino comes back first, and lands a booming straight right-hand to
Espada's jaw, and a left hook to the body. Espada is hurt, but holds on.

Round 11, Pipino really pours it on, with a variety of hard punches, that hurt Espada, and has him holding on.
Referee Jesus Celis looks in several times, and thinks about stopping the fight. Espada is stationary now along the
ropes, and is absorbing hard left and right punches from 'Pipino'.

Round 12, Angel Espada stumbles out of his corner, and Referee Jesus Celis immediately calls for the Ringside
Doctor. After an examination, the Doctor and has concluded that Angel Espada has a broken jaw.

Pipino Cuevas retains his WBA Welterweight Championship by a TKO 11.

Scorecards after 11 Rounds;
108-104.....Pipino Cuevas.....5-2-4 in Rounds....Referee; Jesus Celis...(Venezuela)
107-105.....Pipino Cuevas.....4-3-4 in Rounds....Judge from Puerto Rico
108-103.....Pipino Cuevas.....6-2-3 in Rounds....Judge from Mexico

Fight Purses;
Jose 'Pipino' Cuevas.........$145,000
Angel 'Cholo' Espada.........$55,000

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