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Default Re: Saoul Mamby vs Howard Davis Jr.

Brooks was way done before he met Mamby.
Mamby was a pros pro but is a little overrated.

When people talk about boxer's who had great jabs Mamby is never mentioned.Partly because he is overlooked but also because truthfully his jab wasn't anything to write home about.

Pernell Whitaker
Kostya Tsyzu
JC Chavez
Edwin Rosario
Aaron Pryor
Zab Judha

Do you think Mamby could have beaten any of those boxers?
My point is while Mamby was a good pro I think he was a full level below the elite.And I don't mean any disrespect because boxers like Mamby are among my favorites-boxers- not blessed with blazing speed or numbing power-boxers that trained endlessly and learned there trade.Techincaly sound.
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