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Default Re: Angel 'Cholo' Espada vs. Jose 'Pipino' Cuevas

The Fight

December 8, 1979
Sports Arena, Los Angeles, California

Attendance; 16,000

Pipino is wearing red trunks with 'PIPINO' lettered on the front belt line. Angel Espada is wearing black trunks
with white side stripes.

An enraged Jose 'Pipino' Cuevas tears into Angel 'Cholo' Espada immediately from the
opening bell.

Rounds 1 thru 4, it is all Pipino, as he keeps the former Champion on the defensive
throughout, with his famous wild left-hook bombs. Espada does all he can, to keep
the powerful Mexican off of him, but he is getting hit with hard shots.

Round 5, Espada mounts a minor offensive charge, and for the 'first time' he keeps
Cuevas at bay. Left jabs and quick right crosses work for Espada.

Round 6, both fighters slow the pace, as Cuevas is looking for the one big bomb, and
Espada pecks with medium force jabs.

Round 7, Cuevas opens up with some heavy punches early, and backs Espada up.
Espada is on the complete defensive, and can't score with much. Cuevas starts throwing
right hand bombs which land, and shake Espada.

Round 8, Pipino starts working with straight lefts, and measures Espada. Pipino
is loading up with hard left hooks. Espada weathers the storm and surprises the
Sports Arena with an offensive charge, and lands counter right hands which land
and shake Pipino.

Round 9, Espada takes the offensive early, and shoots several left-right combinations.
Pipino is a bit flustered, but waits for his opening, and lands several hard lefts that
drive Espada back. Espada is showing signs of fading and his legs are weak from the
body punches.

Round 10, Espada shoots a home-run right that lands, but it has little effect as
Pipino absorbs the punch well. Pipino comes back with a two-fisted assault, and wobbles
Espada with a right hook to the jaw. Espada back up, and Pipino fires a
straight right to the eye that hurts Espada. Espada retreats to the corner where he is trapped,
and Pipino unloads a 5-punch barrage which drops Espada.
Espada gets to a crouch, but Referee Jerry Smith stops the bout.

Referee Jerry Smith stops the bout at 1:18 of the 10th Round.

Attendance; 16,000

Referee; Jerry Smith........88-83.... Pipino Cuevas...(7-2-0 in Rounds)
Judge; James Jen-Kin.......88-84.....Pipino Cuevas...(6-2-1 in Rounds)
Judge; Isaac Herrera........87-84.....Pipino Cuevas...(6-3-0 in Rounds)

Fight Purses;
Pipino Cuevas.......$250,000
Angel Espada.........$40,000

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