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Default Re: Is Joe Gallagher dangerous....

TBH Jim Watt made a comment early in fight that struck a cord with me when he said 'when i first saw Crolla he looked a nice boxer but not strong but now he's stronger'(Paraphrasing). Really Crolla has become stronger and has now decided to march forward with gloves blocking face. Bullying and breaking down opponents. Now that wasn't the kid i first saw fighting...

Squared up on shoulders and coming in straight lines, I dunno but from the entrance music hitting i sensed he thought he could just hit Derry's nose and it was game over.

Pressure fighting isn't walking forward covering face and landing few jabs and body shots and then getting stuck in on inside. There seems to be a lack of craft about the 'Manchester style' and it's being shown up.

I think the formula run out a while back, Look what Selby did to Smith who again just steamed in. There's no angles, there's a variety of punches and effectiveness but not much else.
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