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Default Re: Is Joe Gallagher dangerous....

Originally Posted by Bill C84 View Post
This might just be me that thinks this but I feel Gallagher might be a bit too arrogant in his teaching methods, like he knows best and refuses to accept other ways of doing things and other tactics? I don't know but it would explain a few things imo?
I think to be honest, there's never ever been any question of Gallagher NOT being arrogant. From the way he talks down to people, to the way he acted at Beta Bodies gym. The man is arrogant through and through.

Originally Posted by Bill C84 View Post
Look at Macklin, as good as he performed in the Sturm fight, he must of knew Gallaghers tactics would have been ****e against Martinez, so he moved to Buddy Mcgirt for the fight and boxed in a way I didn't know he was capable of, if he would have had Gallagher in his corner for that fight It would have been over a lot sooner.
Macklin's a bad example, he moves trainers everyfight, and switches nationalities
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