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Default Re: Is Joe Gallagher dangerous....

Originally Posted by SkillspayBills View Post
Yeah agreed, I'd be interested to see the list of opponents in that undefeated streak.

If you look at the guys his boys have lost to domestically there our better boxers domestically. Guys who can throw the spectacular punches and have good power and ability. People that can exploit the bully boy style.
I would like to see that list as well, ive given Gallagher allot of respect in the past for the condition he gets his fighters in but that really isnt enough now. Surely he isnt too ignorant to notice that his "style" of fighting has been found out and it is now time to start implementing defensive moves into his fighters repertoire. His style is all well and good when the opponent cannot hurt his fighters as featherfisted guys just get overwhelmed and runover, it is like you state when his guys meet other fighters with power and decent footwork it all but over.

I fear for Quigg against Munroe i really do, that is one featherfisted superbantam weight you cant overpower or runover. I initialy thought that Quigg would win that one, now i think Munroe is going to use his underated skills and his bullish strength at the weight to utterly bully Quigg on the inside.
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