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Default Re: Is Joe Gallagher dangerous....

Your right Roe, i rated Joe a long while back and i have no right to question him as a man when i don't know him but i do feel he's not evolved as a trainer the way he should have. I think the winning and the streak maybe lost him and his teams focus.

With success comes higher expectations, I do feel though that this 'Manchester style' has spread across gym. It's a style that reaps rewards domestically but if you have any want to make it to higher level or have longevity in sport this style has to be left behind. Sadly i look at John Murray a guy i watched win WBC Youth title and thought would go on to win a version of world title to a guy just bullying his domestic foes physically then on european stage.

I found it sad how John didn't improve technically, I thought it was John's mentality and finding it to easy that was the problem but it looks like it's the 'formula'. He's not the only coach to like a set style but i think the success has come at a cost for his and his fighters development.

A short sighted training regime that really should of had a long term feel to it. That being said if Crolla won with ease last night i think things would be a lot different but i think it's worrying as TS has addressed that this style is being used in each fight.
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