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Default Re: NEW: Mayweather/Cotto HBO 24/7 - Episode 2

Regarding comments made by Sugar Shane Mosley where he said he gives Cotto a chance of beating Mayweather because Cotto had an outstanding jab:

“Let me tell you something! Shane Mosley can’t even talk! My nephew whopped his ass every round! And he struggled with f*cking Cotto! Now what does that tell you? People can’t tell me about boxing! I know about boxing! I know about boxing and I know how to train fighters. I’ve been training fighters since I was a little kid. And you seen how easy my nephew whopped his ass didn’t you? Alright then! So how’s he going to mention about Cotto when he got his ass whopped! He struggled with Cotto! Floyd din’t! He struggled with Cotto! Floyd didn’t struggle with anybody! How’s he going to mention about what Floyd’s going to do with Cotto when Floyd already whopped his ass! He didn’t win one round, and if he did win one he did win one! So he can’t mention about what my nephew would do with Cotto, because he got his ass whopped so easy by my nephew it don’t even make sense! He shouldn’t be talking about my nephew!”

His evaluation of Cotto’s jab as a weapon:

“I don’t think about none of that sh*t! Because you know what? Anything Cotto can do my nephew can counter that sh*t! It don’t even make no difference about what Cotto can do. That sh*t don’t mean anything to me! I know about boxing! That sh*t don’t mean anything to me about what Cotto can do this, Cotto can do that. He probably can do that with somebody else. He can’t do that sh*t with my nephew! That’s the difference. Talking about what Cotto can do! I don’t give a f*ck what Cotto can do, because that sh*t don’t mean nothing to me! And whatever he can do, my nephew can do it ten times f*cking better! So I’m not even worried about what the f*ck Cotto can do! Cotto maybe can punch. Cotto maybe has a good jab. I don’t give a f*ck about none of that! None of that don’t mean anything to me because this is boxing, and when it comes to the boxing world my nephew is the best in the sport of boxing. He’s the best today in the sport of boxing. Period. So there ain’t none of that about he can do this, he can do that, he can do this, he can do that. My nephew is the best defensive fighter in boxing and he got way more skills than Cotto, so I ain’t worried about that. I don’t worry about that. I don’t worry about what people say. Half the people talking don’t know sh*t about boxing anyway! They just talk to talk! They don’t know nothing about boxing! They don’t know how to counter this or deflect that! They don’t know anything about boxing! People who talk about boxing, they talk about what they see! They don’t even know what they see! Well why doesn’t he do this? I say well what is that? What is that that he’s doing? Alright then! You don’t know sh*t! Shut up! You don’t know nothing about boxing! Period! I know because I see people in the sport every day that train everyday and they don’t know nothing about boxing at all! Period! Talk about what he can do. Boom boom! Maybe he can do that! Maybe he can do that, but hey! He ain’t doing that sh*t with my nephew. So that’s what it is.”

On whether he believes it is important for his nephew to stop Cotto quicker than Pacquiao did:

“Listen here. First off, Pacquiao didn’t stop Cotto! So we ain’t going to talk about Pacquiao doing any mother f*cking thing to my nephew. Pacquiao ain’t going to do but one thing to my nephew—he going to get his ass knocked out! Period! As far as Pacquiao and Pacquiao whopping Cotto, I don’t even think about what Pacquiao did to Cotto because number one, everybody knows what f*cking Pacquiao got in him any mother f*cking way! There ain’t a guy in this history of boxing period that comes from that weight division and been knocked out twice to ever beat anybody at 125 pounds, ever beat anybody at 130, 135, 40, 47, or 50! I know boxing! So I ain’t going to talk about what Pacquiao can do, because Pacquiao didn’t do sh*t to Cotto! The only thing Pacquiao did to Cotto is he went in there with that sh*t in him! In the history of boxing there ain’t never been a guy 105 pounds ever to beat anybody at 125, 130, 35, 40, 47, or 50! I know boxing! Nobody got to tell me about boxing! The last three fighters ever to come up from that weight division, number one of them is Henry Armstrong! Henry Armstrong started at featherweight, he won the lightweight, he won the welterweight, and he fought a draw for the middleweight! Okay! The next guy ever to come from that weight division was Roberto Duran! Roberto Duran started at 35 and jumped up to 47 to whop Ray Leonard, jumped up to 54 to whop Davey Moore, jumped up to 160 pounds to whop Iran Barkley! The last great fighter ever to come from that weight started at 130, 35, 40, 47, and jumped up to 54 to whop De La Hoya’s ass and you know who that is! I ain’t even got to tell you. So don’t tell me about Pacquiao! Pacquiao ain’t doing sh*t but taking them mother f*cking drugs and taking them f*cking steroids! That’s all the f*ck he’s doing! He ain’t doing sh*t! He ain’t whopped no mother f*cking elite fighters! When my nephew takes that test, he takes it and you don’t find sh*t in him! Alright then! The rest of these mother f*ckers are taking all this bullsh*t and that’s what he’s doing! There ain’t no way in the world a guy at 100 and f*cking five pounds who got his ass whopped twice got his ass whopped by Erik Morales! Now there ain’t never been a guy at 105 pounds beat a mother f*cker at 125 pounds, 130 pounds, 35, 40, 47, or 50, and the only way he can ever possibly do that is he has to have that sh*t in him! Now I know boxing so that’s what I’m telling you!”

His views on recent comments made On the Ropes by his brother Floyd Mayweather Senior who said he expects his son to beat Cotto by counterpunching but that he is disappointed his son has not thrown more punches in recent fights:

“Listen, listen, listen! Tell my brother to shut his ass up! He don’t train Floyd! I do! He must throw enough punches! Didn’t he knockout Victor Ortiz? Alright then! So we ain’t worried about what the f*ck he’s saying! What he says don’t mean anything. He ain’t training nobody. So what does that mean? What does that mean to me? I’ve been training Floyd for fifteen years! You think I worry about what my brother would say? Huh? What my brother would say wouldn’t mean sh*t to me! I don’t remember my brother training his son in the last fifteen years. So what does that mean? What do you think that would mean to me? It wouldn’t mean sh*t to me about what my brother would say or what he wouldn’t say! It doesn’t matter!”

yep those classes are working a treat
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