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Default Re: NEW: Mayweather/Cotto HBO 24/7 - Episode 2

Originally Posted by Jonsey View Post
Mayweather really does have that diet. Boxing is so much a mental sport so its just about keeping himself happy.
This. People stress way too much about diet. It's about moderation. If Floyd was eating that food every day it would be a problem. If it's only a once a week thing or less, it doesn't matter if he's 2 weeks away from a fight with SRR, it's not gonna affect him at all. I'm no Floyd fan but I like him for this. He knows the truth about diet.

This was the diet of the Saxon trio, a strongman act that performed in circuses from 1897. Proper athletes before we had steroids and ****. Their feats are legendary to this day.

"For breakfast they ate 24 eggs and 3 pounds of smoked bacon; porridge with cream, honey, marmalade and tea with plenty of sugar. At three o'clock they had dinner: ten pounds of meat was consumed with vegetables (but not much potatoes); sweet fruits, raw or cooked, sweet cakes, salads, sweet puddings, cocoa and whipped cream and very sweet tea. Supper, after the show, they had cold meat, smoked fish, much butter, cheese and beer. Following this they had a chat and at one o'clock went to bed."

One other thing that ****es me off about modern day nutrition is that boxers are starving themselves like, Brandon Rios who looked like a corpse at the Abril weight in. A malnourished, weak looking character who had to starve himself at a time when he most needed energy. Mutha****a should follow Floyd and get his ass to McDonalds, eat up a big mac and large fries, put on some weight and fight at 147.

Diet nazis don't know ****. You have 56 yo Floyd joy sr, who eats "cakes, candy bars, cookies" and has a six pack to show for it. Why? Because he also eats proper food to balance it out, and is in the gym every day. You're not fat because you had dressing on your salad dumbass, you're fat cuz you sit on your ass all day and don't do ****. These dudes that be having cholesterol problems aren't that way cuz they had a big mac the other day, they're like that because they have a big mac 4/5 times a week. I doubt Floyd eats junk food 4/5 times a week but I know he enjoys life and doesn't stress about eating the odd pizza or burger.
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