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Default Re: NEW: Mayweather/Cotto HBO 24/7 - Episode 2

Originally Posted by ero-sennin View Post
no but my point is that people put too much significance on diet. Having chips and fried chicken once a week is not going to affect Floyd's performance in the slightest. What Floyd did in that 24/7 clip has no significance at all.

If he was eating doner kebabs for breakfast, dinner and lunch, washed down with 14 pints of guiness there would be a problem. Even Usain Bolt was snacking on chicken nuggets at the olympics.
A big factor is when you eat. You notice he hit the drive through prior and post workout. He would burn the food doing his workout and then his body would quickly absorb his meal post workout as it replenishes. Now if he was eating fast food at bedtime without training, that's not good for controlling your weight.
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