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Default Re: Lennox Lewis vs Vitali Klitschko, round by round scoring

Originally Posted by Longcount View Post
Clearly Lewis was not in great shape and struggled but by the start of the 6th he was starting to stalk Klitschko and really hurt him, whilst walking through the return fire.

Every word of this is so evident, but some Klit fans act as if a Prime Lennox fought Vitali in his 4th pro fight and was pummeled around the ring every single round. And then after taking the beating of his life, he got lucky and s****ed Vitali's eye and the doctor jumped in and saved Lennox as he was falling over from exhaustion and on ***** street.

Fact is Vitali was the one who has beaten around the ring in the 6th Round. The only reason Lennox had trouble standing up was becuase Vitali was draping all over him, trying to hold himself up. Lennox was backpedaling fast trying to give Vitali room to fall flat on his face. If the 6th Round had gone any further, it was Vitali who would have been stopped.

oh wait!
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