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Default Re: Assume EVERY heavyweight retired close to their peak...

Originally Posted by Duodenum
I agree with this. (He would have retired if Carmine Vingo had died.) After which match would you have had Marciano retiring; the Rex Layne bout (which Charlie Goldman called his perfect fight), or after Kid Mathews? (I think the double hook kayo against Mathews was the peak performance moment of Rocky's entire career.)I don't have the mental energy to compile such a list myself (at least not now), but I have to hand it to you, this was a real well thought out and intriguing post.

I'm curious to know precisely when you would have some of these heavyweights retire. For example, Louis always said his peak performance was against Max Baer, but for my money, his tactical masterpiece was the Godoy rematch. (Joe forces a stoppage in a contest where all his steps are backwards!)

He acually did retire in his peak so I rated him accordingly
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