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Default Re: Saoul Mamby vs Howard Davis Jr.

Originally Posted by Cobra33
Brooks was way done before he met Mamby.
True, he was. But it was still a superb performance by Saoul.
Mamby was a pros pro but is a little overrated.

When people talk about boxer's who had great jabs Mamby is never mentioned.Partly because he is overlooked but also because truthfully his jab wasn't anything to write home about.

Pernell Whitaker
Kostya Tsyzu
JC Chavez
Edwin Rosario
Aaron Pryor
Zab Judha

Do you think Mamby could have beaten any of those boxers?
Certainly not Whitaker. I am insufficiently informed about Tsyzu and Judah to offer any kind of qualified opinion. (They both came along several years after I stopped following boxing.) Chavez had a body attack suitable for beating Mamby.

Because Rosario sometimes faded late (especially in the first Ramirez tussle), and Mamby had the chin, defensive skill, and 15 round experience, I believe Saoul could have decisioned Chapo over that distance, as Howard in fact came within seconds of doing so over a shorter 12 round span.

I would have loved to have seen Mamby and Pryor face off in a 15 round Jr WW title unification bout in 1981. Because Aaron was a wild and wide open headhunter, and both seemed impervious, I was sure it would be a distance contest with no knockdowns. Could Mamby have frustrated Pryor enough to gain a decision, or would the Hawk's swarming prevail over Sweet Saoul? It was my hope that the two of them might produce an undisputed championship for Arguello to challenge for. (At the time, I believed that Mamby had a better chance to decision Alexis than Pryor had of beating Arguello, especially considering what Vilomar Fernandez had been able to do to a peak Alexis.)
My point is while Mamby was a good pro I think he was a full level below the elite.And I don't mean any disrespect because boxers like Mamby are among my favorites-boxers- not blessed with blazing speed or numbing power-boxers that trained endlessly and learned there trade.Techincaly sound.
And the fact you have Mamby/DeJesus, and demonstrate familiarity with Saoul, makes the respect you have for him as well as other boxers of his ilk self-apparent. (Mamby has to be one of the most respected boxers of the last 35 years among those who know of him, especially fellow boxers. Hell, Ali and Holmes were two of his employers, Larry hiring on Saoul as his last trainer.) Mamby may indeed have been a full level below the elite, but like the Viruet boys and Vilomar at their best, he could certainly hang with them if at peak performance capacity.

What do you consider to be Howard's best wins? My money would be on Johnny Lira and Greg Coverson. Against the smart tough Lira, (who was actually training other boxers while competing himself) at altitude (in Stateline, Nevada), he boxed flatfooted to conserve energy, slipping WC Pug's shots in mid-ring, and countering with the hardest jab I remember him deploying from that anchored position he maintained with his legs. A flawlessy efficient performance.
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