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Default Re: Ustinov Gavern Mitchell v Witherspoon

Originally Posted by KINGOFTHE1ROUND View Post
Do you know what is going on? because I dont understand. Why cant we place bets on $uper $eth against Jazzy Chazz Witherspoon?
I know real bookies in New York who would take bets on anything. This is why the best bets involve the New York Mafia.
Those real bookies have motivation to do so, because they stand to make real money off the vig and any losses.

vCash is fake. It's just for fun.

..and the value on Seth is very poor. There's no point making the thread. Besides, even if there was value, I wouldn't make the thread because mother****ers ain't supposed to create non-event threads in this forum and chitown had to go and spoil it for the class.
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