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Default Re: Ustinov Gavern Mitchell v Witherspoon

Originally Posted by KINGOFTHE1ROUND View Post
Who cares if it's just for fun? Lets do it! **** chitown! And who cares if somone made non event threads in this forum? Lets not act like a **** about it. It's not like you own the forum.
Anyway,we can still bet on how long the fight will last like they used to do with the Tyson fights right? I started doing the fake betting so I didnt have the urge to go downtown and visit "fat Eddie" anymore ya know? Fat Eddie.
But whatever. It dont matter anyhow.

Yeah, I could put up an over/under for it but the general rule around here is no thread if the outrights (that is, winner A or winner B) are too wide. Just how we do it.

That is the main reason there isn't (and won't be) a thread.

Mitchell is way too wide. No point in offering it.

There are other fights to bet on. You're free to bet on those, or don't.

What you don't get to do is decide what events go up. Only a designated vBookie does. Right now, that's pretty much just me. So while I'm not a mod and don't own the forum, it is my way or the highway when it comes to what vBookie events get made.
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