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Default Re: What happened to Korobov?

Originally Posted by Honor View Post
Lapin is a good trainer just not a good coach.. He isn't aggressive enough and doesn't push his fighters enough like Gmitruk. When I watch a Wlodarczyk fight, its very frustrating, cause he has power, chin, technique, defense, but he never opens up. Just a high guard, tough defense, and 1 or 2 punches...Damnit, I wanna see some combinations, more speed, and just him letting his hands go. Then when he goes to the corner I just want to see Lapin yell at him and maybe give him a slap in the face. He taught Diablo a lot in his career but I feel he doesn't push him hard enough cause he can be better than what he is now.
I wouldn't discount him solely based on Wlodarczyk. Everything you said about watching him fight is true but i fault him not Lapin. Either way him and Gmitruk are very good trainers who never get credit outside Poland. Truth is their both top 20 in the sport.
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