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Originally Posted by joe33
I think its fair to say that poor old marvin hart never gets mentioned at all when people talk about heavy weight champs from any era,he seems to have been removed from history and i think its only fair to have a post about the guy.I mean he did beat jack johnson,so seemed plenty tough enough.
I found this online,a pretty good article about him,i wanted share with you all -
So does any of the experts on here,know anything about the "The Kentucky Plumber,or is he jujst doomed to wander in eternity forgotten,just as he was seeminly in his boxing career.
Also found this about the top 5 worst boxing champs ever,seems a bit harsh but am interested to see what you all think about it.
I find it funny that people on this site talk glibly about Frazier being "half blind when fighting Ali,yet fighters like Hart and Greb fought for years with the sight of only one eye,as did Gypsy Joe Harris more recently,Frazier according to his fans was "shot at 29, legally blind ,racked with arthritis etc"talk about gilding the liliy,Hart is dismissed as a "cheese Champ,yet he campaigned while blind in one eye.
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