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I love Mares (no ****) but I'd have Moreno ahead of him at this point, slightly though. He beat Vic a lot more convincingly than Abner and even though I had Mares beating Perez, I think Moreno's good wins on the road vs Senchenko X2, the two over Cermeno as well as what had been previously considered good opponents in De la Mora & Parra are a bit better than what Mares has as of yet.
Parra wasn't considered a good opponent at all, he was - and still is - well and truly shot. I don't think Moreno's record is superior at all to be honest, having close shaves twice with Cermeno and once with Sydorenko isn't all that impressive to me in a P4P sense. Personally I think the clear win against Agbeko is enough to merit a place above for Mares. That's just my opinion though. Moreno is a vastly superior fighter now than he was then though, if you put this version of Chemito in those fights instead of the previous model I have no doubt he'd have won an awful lot more convincingly.
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