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Originally Posted by kosaros View Post
Moreno also has Tomas Rojas and Rolly Matsu****a on his record, two decent wins at the time.
That was quite a time before Rojas kicked on for it to be that good of a win, imo. That was at a time where Gusano had yet to record even one notable victory(unless you count Castro, and that could only really be considered notable at the time due to Rojas' lowly standing I suppose) and he was at that ''one of the best journeymen in the sport'' phase. It was only around 2009 that he established himself as a real world-level fighter I think. Matsu****a was an alright win too, but nothing too special. He had lost to dudes that were inferior to Moreno before, though he was on a decent run going in to that IIRC.

As I say though, it's very, very close and just a matter of opinion. I only have them one spot apart myself, just playing devil's advocate for the sake of it.
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