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Default Re: If old-style pugilism was revived...

Originally Posted by tobkhan
If MMA sells that would even sell more. It would be much more exciting imo.
I disagree, people watch MMA because it has the possibility of grappling; while the general public may not have as much of a taste for grappling as they do punching, the lack of an artificial means of preventing grappling is what makes it attractive to the general public, the pureness of it.

That covers the general fans, and when you get into the hardcore MMA fans, you have those who are hardcore fight fans and watch all sorts of combat sports (me) and those who watch MMA because they come from a grappling background, be it wrestling, jiu jitsu, judo, whatever, and watch MMA to see grappling and because it is the closest thing to a profesional version of their particular sport. There is also a small portion who only watch MMA, for whatever reason.

There would be a large sharing of fanbase no doubt, but it wouldn't outdraw MMA, at least in terms of MMA fanbase, both general public and hardcore.
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