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Default Re: Classic Boxing Quotes

im sure i heard one from mike dokes on being ko'd......'i woke up in the land of make believe and there was pink rats drinkin whiskey and smokin big ceegars.... '......

tex cobb to the referee in the holmes fight...'hey man, your white, cant you do somethin bout this...'

cobb to holmes at the final bell..'lets party'.....

for sheer atavistic savagery, and bearing in mind he never knew the extent of his opponents injurys, nigel benn getting interviewed in the ring after the mclelland fight takes some beating......'no, you listen to me...he was brought over here to bash me look at 'im.....who is he??.....'

benn also on mclelland..'why should i be scared of him...iv had more knockouts than he's had fights'
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