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Default Re: Dmitry Pirog vs. Nobuhiro Ishida

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
There are extenuating situations, frank. vCash totals don't always tell the whole story.

Last week I had well over 10k.

Then, I put everything I had on the Over 9.5 rounds in Malignaggi vs. Senchenko. A lot of people lost money on that (Malignaggi stopping someone?? - and it was just a round shy of hitting the over...)

If you had put a gun to most people's heads and asked them if it would go over or under, most would have picked the over.

Now I'm flat broke, for making what most people would consider a very good bet with a moderate fortune.

So a lot of it is just the luck of the draw. Boxing = unpredictable chaos. Part of what makes it fun.
I lost 2 on that fight , went down from 1800 2 1430 , but u c ? i thought Malignaggi might/may cut d 4 years older man , and alcohol is used plenty in Ukraine .
D thing is that no1 put a gun 2 our heads in these betting , and that thought i described above prevented me from losing more .
Wait , u mean u have 0 because u really lost it all and not (just) because u went all in ? this is surprising . But vcash is telling nonetheless , I lost both on that guy , d draw and on d over , but i didn't go all in on it , so didn't lose it all . And already told u y . so again , vcash is telling .
And y couldn't i place more than 10 bets on this fight ? I did get another 75 but couldn't place it on this fight anymore . couldn't because d system didn't let me .
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